Enhance InControl visibility, access and trust levels to lead both new and existing customers from discovery to purchase and, finally, installation to uplift customers in-car experience.
I worked for Spark44 as a UX Architect and Designer. My aim was to research the best way to advertise InControl and secure adoption for new and existing customers. As such I conducted UX research & design and presented my findings and recommendations at regular intervals to the team and JLR stakeholders.
Jaguar & Land Rover vehicles are equipped with a digital system called InControl. It offers a wide range of services that can dramatically uplift customer’s in-car experience. Despite its value, less than …% of customers are using it. The aim was hence to reverse the trend and surface the product in a smart way to encourage adoption.
in car display

InControl is a dual brand product. The solution had to scale for both websites and best attend target’s expectations for both Jaguar and Land Rover customers.

InControl is on numerous Jaguar and Land Rover models but it can only be customised before purchasing. We hence had to address both existing and new customers by inspiring the latter and educating the former. Although waving Incontrol to new customers could give them further reasons to purchase, existing customers shall not be dismissed as they could become brand/product ambassadors and pitch the advantages of InControl to friends and relatives. Discussing car features is a known phase, if not an initial trigger, in the car buying process.


The first thing was to get familiar with the product to have a better understanding of its capabilities. From there we reviewed its presence online, how it was currently advertised and presented, how to reach it, how to get it. This enabled us to grasp the complexity of the product as well as establish a base to ground our recommendations.

To provide an exhaustive solution, we created a detailed sitemap of both Jaguar and Land Rover websites (which was quite arduous) but truly beneficial when done. By then we knew both sites like the back of our hands and had a complete understanding of the extensive material we could build the solution upon. Doing so also highlighted numerous journeys that could lead to the product.

site map
We worked with the analytics team to gather key data relevant to the project. They helped us shed light on the performance of the current InControl pages across markets, the homepage of both brands, the vehicle pages along with highlights. We managed to find out more about Jaguar and Land Rover car buyers, from demographic views to device trends and their relationship to the brands. Understanding what were the main activities on Jaguar and Land Rover websites also helped us figure out the main customer journeys and flows for both brands.
heat map
During this phase, we not only built up knowledge on the product, the brands and their websites but we also had the opportunity to notice existing UX issues on key design elements.
All roads lead to Rome, one could say the same about InControl but to opt for the most strategic ones we had to see them from the customer's side and so created personas. They were based on former studies and recent analytics. We wrote a piece of storytelling for each persona in the form of a timeline to reflect and simulate their journey from discovery to purchase of Incontrol. Storytelling has this incredible ability to project oneself into a potential customer but in a granular, real-life manner which consequently raises meaningful ways to improve the user experience.
purchase journey
Thanks to our previous research we were able to write down key user stories around InControl. Each of them was embodied with one of the Jaguar and Land Rover personas to provide support. Tracing their journeys enabled us to highlight existing UX issues of the current solution.

InControl can only be customised when buying a car, so we wanted to go through all the motions of buying, what are the customers thought processes, where do they go and ultimately think beyond online to shape a more holistic solution.

Buying a car is an important purchase, buying a Jaguar or a Land Rover brings the action of buying to a whole knew level and makes customers go through a series of emotional stages. Studying them, from discovery to ownership, highlighted key needs and wants along their exploration which helped us define and refine the most appropriate content for each stage.

emotional journey
Based on our personas, customer journeys and our findings on the different emotional stages customers go through we could identify key types of content necessary to accompany customers through their Incontrol discovery and purchase.
information architecture
We synthesised our research to provide new entry gates and their connections with existing ones.
clients requests
We highlighted key needs and wants per personas and their position in the buying process.
high level wireframes
We then focused on the content location leading to InControl as well as the structure of the InControl pages.
The solution scaling on Jaguar’s website, Land Rover’s website and within InControl, we created a sitemap to help situate wireframes.
wireframe wireframe
wireframe wireframe
Upon approval from stakeholders, the wireframes were then presented and handed to the UI Designer. We kept an eye on the progress and remained available when questions arose.
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